Tasha Teaches? How did we get here?

Tasha Teaches? How did we get here?

Heyyyy to all of my momprenuers! 

So, I know it's been a while and I do apologize but let me fill y'all in! 

By the end of 2022, my business had achieved significant success, boasting over 300 clients and customers, and gaining national recognition with features in Fox News and over 200 other news outlets across the country, as well as several smaller, local outlets. The business was generating more income than what I had earned while working for the previous company.

We completely transformed our business and personal paths for the better. As we entered 2023, we were debt-free and had established credit through various business credit cards. Despite limited resources and no outside financial assistance, we achieved what we never thought possible.

In 2023, we will be in a position to utilize our improved credit to grow and expand our business. I will be hosting a coaching session via Zoom, guiding a group on the steps I took to achieve financial stability, with a step-by-step approach to help make it easy to follow.

This is crazy!

As I strolled through the streets of Ft. Walton Beach, I never could have envisioned that I would become a mentor and guide for others looking to succeed in business. However, I now have the opportunity to reach millions nationwide and provide them with the resources and knowledge I wish I had when I first started. It's truly fulfilling to know that I am able to make a difference and help motivated mompreneurs reach their goals by offering affordable and accessible coaching services.

Join me on Wednesday, February 22nd at 7 p.m. Central time for a comprehensive session on starting an LLC. I'll guide you through the essentials, covering everything from formation to the necessary steps surrounding it. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and grow your business. Reserve your spot by emailing me and purchasing a ticket.

Oh, by the way moms kids are welcome!

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